Social Persuasion Management

BrightWhistle’s Social Patient Precision Platform (SP3) generates and manages multiple, scalable, targeted ad campaigns in both search and social media. Powered by an advanced search and social marketing algorithm, SP3 manages all aspects of your digital marketing campaigns. SP3 also generates conversion environments tailored to your unique service line marketing goals. Google AdWords and Facebook integration provides our clients with the most advanced search and social targeting available today, making it easy to find your ideal patients wherever they are online.

In 2011, BrightWhistle was approved as a Facebook Marketing API vendor. We pride ourselves as being the only approved vendor focused on designing and developing HIPAA compliant digital marketing solutions for the healthcare industry.

Social Perception Management

With 30 million people searching online for a new doctor each month, physicians with the strongest online presence will garner the most new patient volume. BrightWhistle helps healthcare systems expand and cleanup their online presence by claiming, optimizing and managing place pages and directory listings to aid intent-driven patients with their decision-making process. Difficulty managing dozens of Facebook pages? SP3 can consolidated fan bases, eliminate miscellaneous pages, and grow your social media presence with the right fans.

Feedback Management

Capturing real time patient feedback has never been more critical to the provider. Social media and online reviews, the new word-of-mouth referral network, have become a critical component of the patient’s decision-making process. Prospective patients consult online rankings and reviews of physicians during the search process. Physicians seeking positive reviews from satisfied patients need a legitimate means through which patients can write and publish reviews. BrightWhistle’s Feedback Management solution enables physicians to capture private internal feedback for quality of care improvement as well as publish satisfied patient reviews before they leave the facility.

Inbound Patient Management

Potential patients deserve to be treated as potential customers. Our inbound patient management solution ensures that the right qualified patients make it onto your appointment book. We apply a HIPAA compliant filter to inbound prospects driven by our solution and lower the patient management burden on your administration staff.

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