Badge of Honor

Today, Facebook announced their revamped Preferred Marketing Developer program. This is the next iteration of Facebook’s initiative to certify high-quality applications that are built on top of the vast Facebook API. To make it easy to identify which companies provide which services, Facebook has divided the program in to 4 sections:

We are proud to have achieved our certification in the Ad Management program.

This is by far the most exclusive and most difficult program to be certified in. Only 19 companies in North America have been certified and BrightWhistle is the only company focused on applying this technology to the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

BrightWhistle has been working on our platform for close to a year now and after 2 rounds of scrutiny from the API team at Facebook we received our certification back in January. We are thrilled to now be part of the Preferred Marketing Developer program.

You can find BrightWhistle in PMD directory here.